Brilliant Quote

“Red diaper rash ranters are marching on Wall Street and squalling for free
stuff.  Among their list of demands is “free college education.” 

Graduates from prestigious universities with advanced degrees in Lesbian
Dance and Ethnic Studies are shocked and outraged to find they are unemployable.
And they want you and I to pay off their substantial and ill-considered student

They should be marching on the colleges and universities that screwed them.
They should be occupying the offices of the counselors who steered them away
from math and science and instead put them on the path that leads to angry
activism, unemployment lines and the crash of unwarranted self-esteem.” By Western Hero


Why this is such news as to why they can’t get a job is beyond me.  It’s already mind-boggling that only 50% of the college graduates actually find work in their “learned” course of study!

We still need welders, pipe fitters, masons, carpenters, plumbers, garbage men and street sweepers and so on.  I have NEVER been a man to put down anyone elses job because for the most part they are all needed.  Oh yeah, and the most important part is that they at least have a job and are participating in the free market in one way or another.

Be thankful everyday for all the “little people” in your everyday life.  Where would we be without the guy who makes sure our sewers are working or that our water is still flowing.

Spread the Word!

Spread the Word

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4 Responses to Brilliant Quote

  1. our ed system must be taken back from the commies—

    got a quote on the bronze casting of the Eagle that you were interested in…from my site—


    • The problem is that noone even knows what a communist is anymore. They have so intertwined their teachings in with a little American history that I have to keep going back over history with my kids after school. The only way to get them out is to stop funding them…..good luck with that! Most people can’t afford private schools and even when they do go to the school boards are just grinned at and eventually they give up on the good cause.
      Would you please email me that quote…..thanks. Everyone needs to go look at your work. Thanks for stopping by

  2. bunkerville says:

    Remind me why I still go to to work? Why I worked my way through college, most of the time part-time? Why I am paying my mortgage?

    • I’m sure it would be o.k. for you to stop all of this nonsense. You could stop working and paying your mortgage and just get on some government programs. Hell, we’re paying for it anyway! The nonliability voter always shows up to the polls……and I bet the buss rental and fuel is on us too!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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