Do They Really Care……About You?

For some reason……..I think not!

We elect……….they campaign more instead of handling our countries business.

We gripe………they just turn  off all of the means by which we do so!

We call…………they of course don’t bother to answer so…..

We write……….they can’t pick up the phone what makes you think they even check the mailbox.

We can’t afford food or fuel…….they just take those essentials out of the inflation equation and tell us they can make it better.

We can’t afford our electricity………they shut down any means of getting it from ourselves and make us buy it from people who want to cut our heads off!

We un-elect…….they still get paid and still have not figured out how to file their taxes right!

Dog just farted so hard, she woke up scared! LOL  I guess she pretty much said the rest for me!  It’s all $*(T !

Why have the people not figured out that it’s NOT the government’s job to accommodate our every whim.  Most of all…..Why have people not figured out that only a handful of either appointed or elected officials honestly ( I know that’s an oxymoron) give a rats ass where this country is going?

Please let me know if you find an official that truly gives a damn, on a heart felt level, about America as a whole and not in their own bank account and I’ll invite them to MY HOUSE, not the white house, for a beer! I wouldn’t even drink water with our Communist in Chief!  Maybe I’ll have my pub finished by then.


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2 Responses to Do They Really Care……About You?

  1. love Dixie Belle –
    nephew is running for City Council-he loves America-he is about the only one I would invite to my house…

    • Yup Dixie is the best dog we’ve ever had in the family. Maybe we’ll all have a beer one day…..this is getting nutz with all this liberal crap. You get into certain crowds and have to hold your tongue. Never thought I would see the day. I think we’re fixing to breed Dixie. Should be some great lookin pups.
      Good luck to your nephew! God speed.

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