Occupy Wallstreet – All You Need to Know

Occupy-Wall-Street-AdBustersSpoiled brats of all ages unite!  I bet their mommy and daddy are so proud! The jokes on you mummy!

This one is going to be short and sweat because I actually have a real life to pay for.

Listen, I’m all about free speech, the right to peaceably assemble for the redress of grievances and all that jazz but to be honest these people have no idea what evils they are facilitating.

It all started with a George Soros funded comic called Ad Busters.  That fact in itself should be enough but just in case you need more here it is.

Obama is for it!  Pelosi is all about it. Names like Kanya West, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon are flocking to support a socialist movement.  Does that even make sense?  Capitalists for socialism?  Get real people.  I know……all you useful idiots in the list above can just mail your net worths to, I don’t know let’s see…….ME!  I would certainly put it to use far better than what I like to call the Federal Leviathan.

MOST OF ALL, yes even above all the rest listed, you have the islamic terrorists jumping for joy to see the non liability voters try to take charge.  The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei claimed the United States  is now in a full-blown crisis because its “corrupt foundation has been  exposed to the American people.” ( last sentence quoted from the Blaze)

Do these ideals really belong in America?  You can have your own opinion in this country.  You can’t do that in Iran or any other dictatorship in the world.  Marxism, sharia and capitalism can not coexist in anyones dictionary so why are they all getting together to protest?  When all the smoke clears who do they expect to be “in charge”?

Well, all I know is that the only thing getting them in the same boat is the total destruction of western way of life or at least capitalism.  If they succeed, the weaklings won’t survive for very long.  WARNING: That means you will die if you don’t convert!

You can speak your mind and even get a little wild sometimes.  Anything legal goes!  The problem is that you have to deal with the consequences of what comes out of your mouth.  You have to live with your actions and eventually there will be no “bailout”, no welfare, no Freedom!

Equal amounts of nothing still equals nothing.

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11 Responses to Occupy Wallstreet – All You Need to Know

  1. bunkerville says:

    This is going to backfire on the Dems big time. At least put me down as hoping.

    • You are absolutely right! Even if it gets bigger it can only get more violent. As more liberal/socialists show their true colors, the more we conservatives are fired up ourselves in legal, less violent ways right?
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Angel says:

    well said…this is the filth in my precious city and the Mayor is aiding and abetting!!!..

    • I hate to say it but I think New York City is past the point of no return. It get NO good press and unfortunately the rest of us in the country can only pray for you. I hear there is a lot of industry looking to move to the right to work states down hear in the south.
      Thanks for stopping by and look forward to hearing from you in the future.
      Spread the Word

  3. Z says:

    I’m hoping bunkerville is right, too….Please, God!
    THis is Alinsky at its ‘finest’…and Obama’s all over it; good to divert from HIS failed economy…

  4. hope the debauched public ed system has not so totally succeeded in dumping down our citizenry so that they cannot see tyranny —-when it is obvious!
    BTW- swiped your video (50 year old )warning) –

    • It’s pretty obvious that the citizenry has been dumbed down and indoctrinated for quite some time. I know I was! When you have the Communist Part of both the USA and CHINA not to mention the Nazi Party USA backing this thing and noone seems to care, we are very dumbed down.
      When the president can get on the shtoop and say the GOP wont pass his jobs bill because they can’t understand it in it’s intirety and noone says anything, maybe he onto something.
      Can’t remember where I got that vid from but it is pretty telling.

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