Do You Like Coffee In the Mornings?

smart_grid_technology sucksHow long have the “powers that be” been trying to send us into the dark ages?

Every time we “log on” the net, watch our digital cable or dish, and yes even drive our cars we are being watched.  I dread to think what would happen if the tech world went dark for a few hours or even weeks across the country.

The Department of Energy and practically every tree hugger in the world has been swaying people, especially our kids, for decades to this “false religion” with the color green.  You can’t get away from it.  Naturally grown, flex-fuel, carbon footprint and high-efficiency appliances are terms woven into our every day lives.  From commercials on the flat screens to environmental impact awareness seminars in the workplaces we are inundated with this crap to make us think that we’ll all be dead if too many cows fart at one time.  I guess that’s why the EPA has bought a few judges in some states to say it’s not your right to drink milk from your own bovine.

Disclaimer:  Now I personally don’t want to drink poison or have coal miners die of black lung but this stuff is getting out of hand.

NOW we are, more quickly than you think, being told our vehicles should be plugged in overnight just to go a few miles and the energies of abundance are “bad for you”!  Solar panels, wind turbine farms, and even the infamous ethanol fuels are all being pushed and subsidised just to show they “work”.  At the same time the whole science behind it is increasingly debunked on a daily basis.  Ask Al Gore why he would buy beach front property if the oceans are going to rise 20 feet!  If you wanna call someone a traitor I can think of a few idiots that fit the bill.  The largest one I can think of right now is our very own Communist in Chief!

Why then, if we ALL know it’s BS, do we continue to let these people keep legislating these policies into our lives? If China and countless hackers from around the world keep infiltrating our most technologically advanced servers would we even think of tying all the energy plants onto some national grid with the same tin cans on a string?

The only thing I can come up with for such an overwhelming breach into our private lives is POWER.  Not the good kind we use to take a hot bath or write blogs but the bad kind.  The kind of power that can shut off your beloved Kurig coffee maker in the morning or even your entire statewide electric grid if your governor wants to turn down the next round of tax payer funded handouts.  But, of course, it’ll all be done under the guise of “grid sustainability” or to save you some money.  When was the last time the feds did anything to save you money?

If you have had your head in the sand for the last decade and have no idea what I’m talking about the debacle I’m speaking of is called the “SMART GRID”.  For all the science about smart appliance chips, thermostats, grid communications and the endless list of huge players in this game you’ll have to do some homework because the layers are deep and the lawsuits have already began around the country.  If you have already become a victim to this you are not alone.  Experiments have been going on for quite some time and even my own little plot of earth is about to be rigged with this “smart” technology and there is NOTHING I can do about it but get tied into the lawsuits about to start here or go back to 1850.  Where’s Michael J. Fox when you need him?  Poor guy!

They control your money already.  They control your food whether you like to admit it or not.  They control the press.  They have power over all the utilities. The Feds are indoctrinating your kids through school and the media constantly.  Your home loan is, YUP, controlled by the federal banks. Our own government has been bowing down for over 100 years to global entities and we have just sat in front of the boob tube, shook our heads and said “that can’t happen in America”.

I’ll leave you with a bigger question.  Who is going to stop it?  More importantly I guess the question should be what are YOU doing about it?

If you are still reading, not asleep and want to see real power look up : Applied Micro-Nano-Bio Systems. It’s already being advanced all over the world. Nothing like a little homework to make your eyes bleed and your heart skip a few beats.

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4 Responses to Do You Like Coffee In the Mornings?

  1. looked up AMN-BS–will read it alllllllllllll when I get a minute- it is long but telling-

    We have not been following George Washington’s admonition to stay out of the affairs of Europe- have we—

    Will be posting this and —

    Have you seen the new “borders-Homeland Security bill” ?
    ASA I get more info will be post that- scary- gvt – “fence” 100 miles into border states and coastal states…private property my be taken for the ‘security’ of the country—

    • I see that you are lil miss sunshine today. All you can do is inform people and hope for the best. Thanks as always and I’lll look at the border thing later when I have some time….
      Spread the word.

  2. Cheryl says:

    You aren’t kidding on the Smart Grids and meters attached. I think that is one of the critical areas we need to start shouting at the rooftops, loud and clear. The city of Charlotte just bought electric cars for their city personnel, to the tune of $35,000.00 per. (Leafs) And is touting the installation of chargers all over the city. Hooking up to the grid is one more in the list of tools being used against us to put the NWO in place. Very scary.

    • Our local electric company, which runs most of the state, just bought some electric cars also. They can’t even make the distance between plants. It’s pretty pathetic. What’s really bad is that we are the ones paying for it and say nothing because we are told nothing. As long as the lights turn on…..we seem not to care what goes on behind the scenes.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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