Kill Them and Eat Them! Really?

Whether its figurative or literal it’s getting ugly.  We have been warned time and time again and it seems that the only thing we can really do is talk and vote.

When we do talk, everything that comes out seems to be rebutted only with name calling and a whole bunch of nothingness.  I personally think that is all the liberals have left.  Nothing!  They know their agenda is NOT working and they are scared and getting violent like a rabid dog backed into a corner.  Their lives hold no merit on its own accord so they blame someone else for it.

When we vote, the politicians we get into office seem to quickly move to the left on the assumption that compromise is “what America wants” with very few exceptions to that rule.  There are a few hopefuls out there.  Very few!

I have served my country in many capacities along with countless others.  But, of course, all the left has to say about the ” policies” that we on the right follow is that we are traitors or racists.  Oh and “at least it’s not Bush”!  P.S.- Bush had a progressive legislative branch since January of 2007.  Then he turned to the dark side in the end himself.

I don’t believe the left really knows what Marxism truly encompasses or they would run as far from it as possible.  I’ve seen varying degrees of it throughout the world personally and it’s not pretty.  I try not to enter that world even in my memory and certainly don’t share it openly to the public because living a sheltered life in these United States should be relished.

The media is so swayed by the puppeteer that the American people never really hear the truth.  Drink the Kool-Aid pops in my head every time I hear them call anyone that does not agree with them a traitor.

People, in some drastic cases, do eat each other.  Interment camps full of evil all over the world even in todays time exist in  China, North Korea and other places, not to mention what the Nazis did to both Jews and Russians alike. Nazis are NOT far right-wing.  They are national socialists…..FAR LEFT WING!

Again, people really have no idea what they are asking for and throw words around like candy at Mardi Gras.  They hate “the man” and at the same time want “the man” to take care of their every whim.  You can’t have it both ways.

Wake up and realize that Rosanne Barr and the like running for president is probably just as bad of a joke as a community organizer affiliated with domestic terrorists, radical muslims and communists.  Did you know that he’s actually put up a bill to seal his presidential records?  Everyone else opens a library!

The free market built this country.  Socialism has never worked in any part of the world.  Every country in the world that has embraced Marxism of any form is either not a country anymore or starving.  So, why are the liberals supporting an agenda that says its ok to move in that direction?  Why is the “little guy” doing his best to become more of a slave instead of taking the pursuit of happiness to it’s fullest.

God allows us to borrow our rights from Him and has given us free will to do with them as we see fit to make life happen for ourselves.

You signed that weird home loan!  You signed up for that student loan which is now ran by the federal government!  You decided to keep calling yourself an artists while not trying to find a real job until your work starts making money!  The situations are endless and you can’t blame anyone else but yourself for the shortcomings if it doesn’t work out.

The left blames the Tea Party ( which is not a centralized party and that’s ok with me) and anyone that stands for freedom with spreading hate and any other ugly word you can think of while at the same time talking about using the guillotine and cannibalism to destroy the rich.

I wonder what would happen if all the “rich” moved to a group of islands of their own and abandoned the rest of us to fend for ourselves.  Just a thought!  Oh no, that’s really happening because our government is taxing the piss out of anything that makes a little more money!

If all you have is scare tactics and name calling to defend your views please continue to sit behind the computer in your mom’s basement in your underwear while the rest of us finance your entire existence.

Don’t call me a traitor for embracing capitalism and defending the freedoms you and I both enjoy every day.  It’s patriots like me and millions more around the world that make your life possible.  Think about that!

Semper Fi!



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3 Responses to Kill Them and Eat Them! Really?

  1. Those who promote Socialist- Marxism –are the true traitors to our Constitutional Republic-
    Thank you for this excellent post !
    BTW- I had a wonderful birthday –and even took a bit of time off from the blog world-

  2. FIREBIRD says:

    he’s actually put up a bill to seal his presidential records
    Doesn’t surprise me at all. I blog on a site on WordPress that is an absolute CLOVEN of liberals and I’ve come to the conclusion that you cannot reason with them. It’s laughable… but I’ll keep trying, as I’m sure YOU will….

    Found your blog….. absolutely LOVE the title and I plan to come back and read your posts when I can relax and enjoy them. Thanks for the good work you’re doing!

    • Thanks for stopping by. Where did you find my blog? Just wondering…..seems like noone is reading it. If I had more time to relax I would write more. Thanks for the compliment and you are right that sometimes I feel like I’m just preaching to the choir.
      What’s the name of your blog?

      Thanks again and come back to read the rest soon! Most are short.

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