Anybody But Obama?

line-in-the-sandThere are books, movies, plays, skits and tons of stories about different types of “lines in the sand”.  Sometimes it refers to ones medical issues and how they have to change their lives accordingly.  Other times it’s about something as simple as children trying to set up boundaries for a game of dodge ball.  ( They can still play that in some playgrounds you know.)  Sometimes they can have good reasons like a little goal you reach toward your personal dream.

I personally believe we as conservatives have to draw a hard-line in our political lives.  I was listening to an interview with Michelle Bachman on Sean Hannity and she said something that stuck.  Now it’s her main point on the campaign trail but it made sense.  DON’T SETTLE!  (This is NOT an endorsement of her. It’s just a point.)

We settle for things in our personal lives every day.  How often do you go inside the fast food palace of your choice to tell a worker that they have messed up your order at the drive through and you want it done your way?  How often do you take for granted that the receipt is correct after they swipe your card in the same line?  I admit that I’m guilty of it myself.  Whether we are in a hurry to get out of the way or just not paying attention it still doesn’t make it right.

Who’s fault is it?  The person who took your order? The cook? The person who processed your card?  The manager or owner?  YOURS  for not making sure before you left the window?  Anyone can lay blame on someone else and it very well may be someone else that messed it up in the first place but once you find out about it YOU OWN IT.  Do you at least call to make sure they get the mess straight for the next patron?

Everyone, I hope, wants the “Orkin Man” to get it right the first time!

Why then do we “settle” when it comes to politicians?

( NOTE: From here on out it’s all personal and off the cuff so get over it)

I’m not very happy with any of the GOP candidates.  Are you?  Romney is fine with government taking over healthcare.  Perry is a globalist on several different levels from HPV vaccines to GE and Chinese companies drilling for oil in his own state to allowing illegal aliens in-state tuition for college.  Ron Paul on the complete opposite end of the spectrum is an isolationist that would throw Israel under the bus along with pretty much dismantling our military.  Michelle Bachman I have to learn more about because no one will tell you much about her in the national media.  Chris Christie (SP?) will probably get into the race and has a lot of support from the senior GOP RHINO’s and that’s all I need to hear for him not to get my vote in the primaries.  Herman Cain turned me off in his interview with Glenn Beck when Cain said he didn’t really want to audit the FED.  Ole Newt is trudging along with plan after plan and of course NO media.  Course they say he’s not “electable”.

What the hell does that mean “not electable”?  While the left is trying to take over the government, the media and of course the world the right is trying to play catch up.  The left is having sooooooooooo much fun with this.

It’s early.  Florida has voted to jump the gun and a few other states get to vote in the primaries before Florida.  If that happens the GOP will get NO PRESS BUT BAD PRESS from the leftist national media.  It would be premature to say one way or the other but we have something the left does not.  A CHOICE!

If you have choices we have no need to settle.  I’m personally waiting to see another entry into the race.  NO, I do not have some “tip” from God but that would be nice.  I don’t care if they are white, black or even classified as “other”.  If they have a some idea on how to get this country back on “right” track I’m all for it.

Question everything and everyone both locally and nationally.  If we end up with some idiot that is more of the same then we have done ourselves  a great disservice and yes deserve what we get from it.



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6 Responses to Anybody But Obama?

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Republicans destroyed our economy and blocked all efforts to help it recover. Your Fox “news” company hacked into the phones of 9/11 victims. Your teabag party is funded by the Koch Bros, who violated U.S. laws so they could trade with Iran. You’re no patriot. You’re a traitor.

    • Talk Talk Talk,,, Makes me wonder who raised you to call another American a traitor. Keep drinking the cool-aid. When you can make a point that does not include namecalling let me know. DUDE!

      • Ben Hoffman says:

        I call it like I see it. You support policies that are bad for our country. That makes you a traitor.

      • Please tell me what “policies” you are referring to. Please tell me what your definition of traitor is.
        So far ,,,you have NO useful arguments. And one of the largest insults you could ever curse towards a Marine. It’s becoming clear from reading your own mush that you have NOT read mine. So if you wanna sling insults, I refer to people that so readily sling the word traitor around have NO idea what it really means. Ask your communist in chief for a copy of his manifesto for examples. You sir are what is referred to as a useful idiot!
        You have been swayed into the largest lie ever propagated. It’s called communism. I’ve seen it firsthand. It’s not pretty! Be careful who you let pull your strings.

        Please tell me how you can insult whoever here and at the same time in your “About” page on your own blog says that you don’t accept it. Here’s a copy of it just in case you forgot what you wrote.


        The Drudge Retort is a blog to retort the lies perpetuated by sites like The Drudge Report and right-wing TV pundits. We’ll also go after the Blue-Dog Democrats who are Democrats in name only.

        Who is Ben Hoffman?
        Ben is a middle-aged software engineer living in Denver, Colorado with his wife and their dog Molly. Ben earned his computer science degree from the University of Colorado and has been developing software for over 15 years. His hobbies include cartooning (see, sports, history, and of course politics.

        All comments are welcome except for those that contain personal insults with no valid arguments. Also, if you make a comment not supported by facts, you may receive an unpleasant retort.

  2. are you as ‘tired’ of Dem lite as I am!?

    no more Lesser of Two Evils!

    • It’s actually pretty hard to tell the difference between the two parties at times. I’m an independent and don’t really care about parties too much. I’m wondering how many times you have been called a traitor on your own site.
      Happy Birthday AGAIN! Hope it was a great one.

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