Can You Hear Me Now?

                                                                    “Reach out and touch someone” probably just got a little personal in San Francisco! 

SAN FRANCISCO (The Blaze/AP) — Transit officials blocked cellphone reception in San Francisco train stations for three hours to disrupt planned demonstrations over a police shooting.

I’m sure some of the people who had to deal without their phones and laptops needed some serious psychological attention after their dilemma.

While there may have been good intentions behind it,  there should be someone, if not a lot of people, suing BART right now.  If nothing else I bet there were some calls from babysitters that didn’t get through to worried mommy’s.  Emergency 911 calls couldn’t be made for the little ole’ ladies that had fallen down the tunnel stairs and couldn’t get back up.  What if the good citizens were trying to report riots that were started because of the police shooting to the authorities?  All I know is that if my mom can’t call 911 because of some network purposely bringing down the system……someone will pay!

Someone once said that if you give up some liberties for a little security you deserve neither.  Don’t think this is the end of these happenings.  Do you ever wonder why the administration has gotten their hands in more and more media outlets? 

If you really want your eyes to bleed take a look at this wonderful press release from  Homeland Security.  basically it’s Lieberman (Benedict Arnold) telling you how vital it is for Obama to have the power to shut the world we know down at his bidding.

There are and always have been horrible people out there trying to bring down the United States in any way possible.  It was bad enough for Bush to implement the Patriot Act but it opened up a whole slew of legislation that to say the least is unconstitutional.  Why do you think Obama left it in place?  ( and put some special things in for himself I might add)

A lot of American (and the world) are on Facebook, Twitter and any number of social media sites.  Ask yourself how you would best control a crowd in today’s world.  Texting for a certain area to evacuate because of some terror threat would do it.  I think San Francisco was an experiment. They tend to run a lot of them in that God forsaken town.  It will be interesting to say the least to figure out if the ACLU or anyone else gets anywhere with this.

Have a plan.  Make sure everyone in your family and that you care about knows what to do if something like this happens in your area.  You’ve been told for decades to have a plan in case of fire in your home.  Do you have one?  The same should apply if something happens while they are in school or at the mall and all the transportation and communications have stopped for any reason.  Even if they have to walk they should know where to go to meet up and be “safe”.  Don’t depend on the GPS working on their smart phones either!  It’s frightening I know and I pray that never comes to pass but….  Take a small amount of frenzy out of it and be prepared.  Take a look at this story about a boy scout. Awesome!

Post more comments on what you have done in your own lives to ” Be Prepared”.  I would love to hear about them and have them posted.

Semper Fi

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6 Responses to Can You Hear Me Now?

  1. Z says:

    I don’t know how we walk that fine line between protecting ourselves and losing our freedoms and nobody else seems to, either. I certainly feel NO PROTECTION from this administration and certainly do share your concerns after reading things like your links here…………I don’t know what to think. But, yes, we need to be prepared…….
    and we’re not. How do you prepare for Marshall LAW? And, make no mistakes about it, I believe that could happen under this president…….and it won’t be against terrorists.

    • Marshall Law is something they really don’t need to do. Just turn off the lights (stop the flow of energy) and let people kill each other off over food and water for a few months. They don’t need guns…..just take away the air conditioning. You are absolutely right….and it could happen under any president. Thanks for the comment

  2. bunkerville says:

    A good supply of food storage is a must, as well as water purification. There are plenty of survival lists out there with other requirements. One would be foolish not to prepare. There could be any number of “happenings” that could require us to be prepared.

    • You’re right….foolish. Although there seems to be plenty out there. I guess the “normalcy bias” truely does exists. Start a post with lists of some of these sites. Thanks!

  3. The R elitist insiders and the Ds have coalesced to gain total contra of us in the US—when ewe say “ENOUGH”— I’ll be cheering !!!
    loved that boy Scout link—thanks–
    Mom of an Eagle Scout-

  4. CONTROL of us in the US-

    time to get some shut -eye : – )

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