Little Ray of Sunshine……And a Rainbow!

Sunshine and RainbowIt’s all about perception.  In the picture on the left……Do you see a the storm or the rainbow and light? 

Here lately, well the last few years since the libtards got hold of the house and senate there has been quite a lot of BAD NEWS. (Did you know the debt of the US has doubled since they took power in 2007?)  It’s hard to see the light with the perfect storm that has been going on but those few “Rays of Sunshine” are happening.  People are starting to see the light and even some rainbows through the storm.  Good things are happening.

Without this storm we would have never had a TEA party.  The dealings of the federal government (both houses) would not have come to the surface.  We, as a nation, would not even be talking about a balanced budget much less the debt ceiling.  I’m sure it would still be business as usual as usual.  We would not be talking about entitlement reform, QE1, QE2, 3, what the fed really is or anything of the sort.

With progressives having control of the house, senate and the executive offices we got to see what they have in mind for this country.  They aren’t even hiding it anymore and people are waking up.  There are powerful forces on both sides of the fence raising our awareness and in turn our influence over them.  They can’t hide on the hill anymore.

Christians are FINALLY waking up to the threats from the world and inside our own country and are standing up for their rights.  I don’t believe Christians are going to be standing on the sidelines anymore.  Their voice is being heard around the world.  While there is much talk about Islam being the fastest growing religion in the world, there is also a small amount of news coming to the surface of Christians being persecuted all over that same world.  That may not seem like good news to most, but the ray of sunshine in it can be found in the mass awakening to those same evils.  Those evils have always been there but now you are seeing less doctrinal divisions in the church and more cohesiveness in the church towards Israel and the Christian faith itself.  More young people are reaching for Christ.

There are more conservative voices being heard now than ever.  Look at the cable network ratings.  It’s pretty clear as to where our true American values stand.  Conservative book sales have never been higher.  Even books that have not been published for decades are becoming best sellers overnight.

We, as conservatives, are actually voting for a change and for change that makes common sense.

“All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride legitimately, by the grace of God.” – Thomas Jefferson 



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6 Responses to Little Ray of Sunshine……And a Rainbow!

  1. : – ) (-:
    We will stand – and we will be heard-
    Have you ever visited- Let Them Fight or Bring Them Home?– he is one my roll —
    God Bless-

  2. Yes, more conservatives are aware. I also believe that more people are moving to the conservative end of the spectrum. Although there is much to rant about, there is also much to be grateful for.

    • Since we so often lately see so much evil coming to light, it’s sometimes hard to feel good about much of anything. Pick a list or a story and it’s going to be bad news. Even polls (which I do NOT pay any attention to because most are biased in one way or another) can’t seem to give many positive things to talk about. AND since someone made me look at myself as one of those barers of bad news I figured I would post a “Little Ray of Sunshine”.
      Thanks and hopefully we are helping the libtards to convert more than the Muslims are the rest of the world.

  3. BTW, I just added you to my blogroll.

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