What’s Wrong With This Video?

Thanks Carol for posting this great video.

I say that there is NOTHING wrong with it.  At the same time, what is wrong, is in so many activities in life these treasures have been taken from us and any other reference to God and patriotism are pulled from public life all together.  I personally don’t see where you can have one without the other.  If we don’t have God we can’t see who gave us those rights we hold so dear. Congress gives us nothing but grief, God lets us borrow our natural rights.  Without patriotism we can’t publicly show our appreciation for what God has given us.  They go hand in hand.

A few of my favorites are of course “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” and the entire “Marine’s Hymn”.  Only in church have I ever heard the entire Star Spangled Banner or the Battle Hymn.  It truly is a shame.  But thankfully there are God loving patriots to spread the Word and these great songs. 

Semper Fi and God Bless These United States of America

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3 Responses to What’s Wrong With This Video?

  1. Thank you – my new-Patriot friend–for the H//t and for linking my site on your roll–
    and-Z-for here HIStory RE: Martin Luther…
    Founder – Pres
    LA Lutherans for Life-
    our site is on my roll (-:
    you will want to take a ‘look-see’

  2. I attended a private Christian school when I was growing up. In 5th grade — 5th grade! — all of us learned all the verses to our National Anthem and regularly sang all the verses in assembly from that point on.

    I’m sure that few Americans today know all the words to one of the most beautiful songs ever penned.

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