Little Ole Israel

All the world is watching the little Ole Israel.  A little math to boot;

Population of Israel
7, 116, 200

Israel size
8,000 sq miles ( 700 or so square miles LESS then New Jersey # 47 of the 50 states ranked largest to smallest) Note: Israel could fit into Florida 8 times
263 miles long – North to South
Width: between 9 and 71 miles wide (East to West)

In the world there are 12.9 million Jews and 1.48 billion Muslims (25% of the world population). 

Seriously even without a college degree it doesn’t take much to figure out Israel is OUT NUMBERED to say the least.  I’m sure Hitler and Muslims in the past ages did not help those numbers at all.


The Lord Takes Delight in Zion

Isaiah 62:1 “For the sake of Zion I will not be silent; for the sake of Jerusalem I will not be quiet, until her vindication shines brightly and her deliverance burns like a torch.” 62:2 Nations will see your vindication, and all kings your splendor.  You will be called by a new name that the Lord himself will give you.  62:3 You will be a majestic crown in the hand of the Lord,  a royal turban in the hand of your God. 62:4 You will no longer be called, “Abandoned,”  and your land will no longer be called “Desolate.”  Indeed,   you will be called “My Delight is in Her,” and your land “Married.”  For the Lord will take delight in you, and your land will be married to him. 

The Jews are God’s CHOSEN people whether you like it or not.  Their lands were given to them by God himself.  NO ONE but God can change that.  Somehow I’m doubting that will happen!  Here’s why.


Genesis 12:1 Now the Lord said to Abram, “Go outfrom your country, your relatives, and your father’s household to the land that I will show you.  12:2 Then I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you, and I will make your name great, so that you will exemplify divine blessing.  12:3 I will bless those who bless you, but the one who treats you lightly I must curse, and all the families of the earth will bless one another by your name.”

Basically Muslims believe that Ishmael was the promised child. Even though he was not born according to the prophecy and was born to a “concubine”.  Isaac was the true promised child of Sarah and Abraham.  SOOOOOO with Muhammad being a descendant of Ishmael he had to make up the story that the Jewish Torah and the Christian old and new testaments are lies.  SIMPLE JEALOUSY AND POWER ENVY. Oh yeah,,,,,over 600 years after Jesus Christ has already risen from the dead and ascended to Heaven with the real God.  Islamists and others have been trying to wipe pretty much everyone else off the face of the earth since the lie began. 

THEY ARE SCARED!  WAKE UP AMERICA!  Fighting against or turning your back on Israel should not even be a question. 

Hitler teamed up with the Muslims against the Jews.  Remember how that went?  Personally that’s not who I’m raising my children to become. 

How about you?

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6 Responses to Little Ole Israel

  1. Those of us who believe what the Bible says know that those who curse Israel will themselves be cursed.

    Others? They’ll find out the hard way.

  2. Z says:

    THanks for coming by geeeeZ…..I like your site very much! I’m a huge Israel supporter, too. So was my German-born husband, by the way.
    You know, sometimes I wonder about the whole God/Ishmael thing…Scripture tells us he loved him, too…….I suppose reams could be written on that alone, but one doesn’t hear too much about it.
    Looking forward to blogging with you…….

    • You will hear Ishmael here. Well you will hear about Islam here anyway. Even people in Jesus’ lineage have strayed from his teachings. God loves us all, just not our actions. The German peoples were missled by Satan himself so I really don’t hold the Germans ultimately responsible. Martin Luther (i heard) was an anti-semite himself. It’s no wonder with the Lutheran religeon being big over there that happened. I was Lutheran at one time and did not know that. Thanks for you support and come back and we’ll see where it ends up.

  3. Z says:

    I am a Lutheran (as is Carol, who I’d sent your blog address to and who commented on your newer post) and, believe me, Martin Luther adored the Jews until his dotage and looniness of old age set in and he saw that they still weren’t getting the great gift of the Gospel. I’m reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s book now and it’s amazing. Luther was frightfully angry and said terrible things in pity and almost hysterica that Jews just weren’t waking up to what he felt was right..Jesus Christ.
    Being LUtheran has nothing to do with hating Jews, I assure you …quite the contrary 🙂
    Fine, talk about Ishmael here, but it’s sad we don’t hear many discussions on exactly what I said above….the curiosity that many theologians don’t cover that God did love Ishmal…and now we’re having such problems with Islam.

    • Glad to hear it about Martin Luther. It was quite alarming when I heard it since I was brought up for part of my life in the Lutheran church and got quite a lot out of the experience. I came to love the people and hated to leave. I hope I didn’t infer that Lutherans hated anyone but could see how people get misled. Thanks for setting me straight on the history of the whole thing.
      I belive God loves us all………..just not what we do Muhammad included…….It is a shame people have strayed as much as they have. My issue is why people follow blindly such evil things. These people truely hate us and think it’s Gods will to wipe us from the face of the earth if we don’t convert. At least we as Christians leave that part up to God. Getting the word out on the truth is about all we can do. Any way we can helps. Thanks again for your insight.

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