I’m going to write this post with quite a few links. Please take some time to go to the sites for more first hand information.

We Americans are being lied to by just about everyone in the world, especially our own government and mainstream media (MSM).  You would NEVER hear of these things from the likes of MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and I hate to say that FOXNEWS is WAY BEHIND the ball on this one.

Even while in the military, we did not look at the United Nations “Peacekeepers” as being much of anything.  Boy were we blinded.  Just because they wear light blue doesn’t make them less formidable. 

This story was stirred up from my frustration over this whole Texas death penalty situation where the Republic of Texas FINALLY executed a native of Mexico (Humberto Leal Garcia) for beating, raping and murdering a child.  POTUS tried to stop it. READ MORE and of course the UN weasels their way into the act too. READ THIS TOO For some reason I thought the United States of America meant that we are a sovereign nation not influenced by the United Nation OR any other entity for that matter. What a Joke!

This article from the “Better World Campaign” is more than happy to tell you how much of our tax dollars are appropriated for the U.N.. READ THEIR ARTICLE  Is there any doubt now as to why we are so broke?  Wealth redistribution at it’s worst when we can’t pay our own debts much less interest on it.  ARE YOU MAD YET?

The international land grabs, wealth redistribution and world governance through the “Green Movement” is rampant even here in the US.  Here is some interesting reading from the UN itself and the johannesburgsummit 737 International consolidated lis of non-governmental organizations and “other major groups” accredited to the World Summit on SUSTAINABLE development. 

Lets talk about the OCEANS and everything in it.  Yep they are working on governing that too.

  • Law of the Sea: UNCLOS—sometimes called the “Law of the Sea Treaty” (or LOST)—established a comprehensive legal regime for navigation and international management of oceanic resources, including the deep seabed.

Yup, that’s straight from this Heritage Foundation article from July 7th or THIS YEAR 2011. Here’s the whole article.  WHY?  Isn’t that Gods’ job? 

THEY ARE IN EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE!  And we are giving them MORE of our taxes and yes our LAND to build an even bigger tower than what they already have. Tower Link  It’s not like there is a lot of park ground in New York City as it is but “what the hey” lets give it to the UN to build a bigger idol to itself.

It does not like Israel protecting its own borders for sure.  They like to stretch the truth just a bit to let you know that the people trying to cross the Israeli border illegally were “unarmed”. YEAH RIGHT   If you need evidence that the world is ganging up on little ole Israel you haven’t been awake for the last several thousand years.

Oh yeah, and you think your internet is safe from Global governance think again. That’s been on the books for years. Here are a couple of pieces from the IGF (Internet Governance Forum) and the Catholic.org site.

If you want to join this debacle can you say>>>> Peace Corps Volunteer signup?  JUMP FOR JOY!   JUMP FOR JOY!

These reports only scratch the surface of what’s on the way for us citizens of the world.  Have you noticed that even the movies and television commercials are against us.  Even the CARS2 movie was about “evil oil” and the global battle against it. I’ve lost a lot of respect I had for “Mator”.   

Stay informed and look at your local bylaws to see if your town is on the list to get you geared up for spooky times.  If nothing else,,,,,be afraid for your private property.  They can take that too.

Tell your politicians to you will have no part of it and as your employee they will not either. 

Let me know what you think.  They aren’t even hiding it anymore so why should we?

Pray for our children and their children and their ………..

God Bless These United States of America

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