Independence From What Day?

Happy Independence Day to all!

Sometimes it’s easy for us to celebrate a holiday without ever knowing the real reason it exists.  While in my last post about the Declaration you got some idea what it meant to the founders and all that fought for our orignal plight from British rule.  How amusing it is that they are now one of our closest “allies”.  Well they were till this wonderful president decided to rule the world for himself.

What does it mean today?  Does anyone know that’s it’s more than BBQ and a good fireworks show down by the river?  I mean with our multiple unconstitutional wars being fought all over the world and this administration helping support “liberators” of the middle east that, come to find out, want to cut our heads off, what does independence mean?

I’m asking the question because it means something different to each of us.  As people in your life what it means to be free and what their rights are.  I really wonder what they’ll say. 

Everyone knows the basics; Freedom of speech, religion and press, Freedom to “own guns”, the whole search and seizure thing and whatever else they can come up with.  I bet that’s it!  I bet a few of them say list social security, medicare and welfare and of course the free public education.  I would really like to start some discussions on this subject.  No names need be listed and no judgments should be made.  Even our own congressman should be asked and eventually educated to the true meaning of freedom.  

Ask them the simple question;  What makes you free in the United States of America?  After watching all the 4th of July stuff on the tube all weekend they should know at least what the liberals want to teach them.

I’m trying to do more with this blog than just type information and tell you what I think of things.  I set up a meeting place at my home.  Another “Tunn Tavern” so to speak!  But after starting the place up I realized that there is really no where in our work places or sometimes even our places of worship that we can openly speak on such a simple thing like freedom and especially religion for that matter.

Ask people the important questions and get back to me via comments, email or Facebook.  Thanks for your attention, let’s try to make a difference.

Semper Fi

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