Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid Please!

I found this on The Blaze

The “Green movement”, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is a pretty big drink to swallow.  As a Christian,  I call it a mockery to God himself.  It’s just another social religion that allows those in charge of us to again “nudge” us into submission to the gods of the global government.  Take a look at this U.N. Agenda 21 make your eyes bleed crap and you’ll get it.  This has been in the works for decades and only reported my the NONMSM (NON Main Stream Media) even though it is on the U.N. site itself.  They basically admit that it’s all about wealth redistribution and power.  God can take care of His earth whether we are on it or not!

Even if you leave God out of it and think purely scientifically it doesn’t make sense.  As a thinker I’ll put it this way.  We are the 3rd rock from the SUN.  The sun is a STAR. But for some reason they NEVER add the SUN into the equation.  We just happen be just close or far enough away to sustain life.  Sometimes stars go nuts. If that’s true, at that point we are unfortunately way too close.  Nothing about the ionosphere, ozone layer, CO2, or anything we could possibly EVER have much of an effect on us as much as the SUN.

Think about it!  If Ice ages happen, doesn’t it make sense that warming seasons could happen also.   DUH! 


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