Conservative Take Back?

I could probably spend the next two days writing about all the things wrong in the world much less our country.  At the end of those two days there would be another six days worth to write about. 

Muslim Caliphate push, alienation of Israel, Iranian nukes, political correctness, social justice crap, world hunger reality, energy prices, fall of the U.S. dollar, the FED, Chinese/Russian coalition, George Soros, Chavez, Obama, debt ceiling, wars, unions and the TSA Gestapo and the list gets bigger and more evil every day.

What is not being talked about is the ever-increasing awakening of the real heroes of the world.  THE PEOPLE!  The real people at the true heart of this country that are FED UP to say the least are not napping anymore.  Political activism does not just work in one direction from the left.  Conservatives are FINALLY getting up, being heard and trying to get things done. 

It’s a good idea to let a sleeping dog stay that way.  Cass Sunstein from the Office of information and Regulatory Affairs and everyone else in this administration keep “nudging” Americans into the abyss.  The dog is no longer asleep and is on the heals of everything that’s kicked them from their slumber. 

I would like the readers to help put together a list of places on the web and otherwise that conservatives can go to gain knowledge, get active in local and U.S. politics, and be able to have a true direction.  The news organizations are, for the most part, worthless.  Even Fox news has from time to time leaned left just to get along.  Poor Glenn Beck and other conservative activists need to have full-time security costing millions just to stay alive much less heard. 

I know there are more patriots out there.  I know there are people and organizations out there making a difference.  Let’s make them known in a big way.  Lets educate and organize to make a bigger impact.  The left does it all the time. 

I will take the posted comments, research them and if plausible list them in this blog, on Facebook and even mass print them to distribute on windshields and door to door if I have to.  I would hope the readers are passionate enough to do the same.

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